Culture Awards

ECBEA culture awards recognize students who participate in Chinese cultural activities.


Culture awards are awarded to students who participate in Chinese cultural activities and have achieved A's (80% or higher) in three of the following five subjects:

  1. English Language Arts
  2. Chinese Language Arts
  3. Mathematics
  4. Social Studies
  5. Science

and the remaining subjects must be B (65%) or higher.


ECBEA is proud to have the following sponsors for our Culture Awards:

  • Wong Bark Ging & Young See Memorial
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Wendy Lam, Realtor
  • New U Life, Julia Nhan/Mike Wang/Lin Zhang

Wong Bark Ging was 13 years old when he left Toishan, China, crossing the Pacific Ocean on the Empress of Asia steamship. Difficult as that was, he arrived in Canada in 1921 without any knowledge of English, two years before the discriminatory Chinese Exclusion Act prevented the immigration of any more Chinese. He became a self-employed market gardener in Edmonton at locations along the North Saskatchewan River stretching from the Yellowhead Trail to Riverdale to south Glenora.

He returned to China in 1930 to marry Young See but their future was unclear. Reunited in 1949, eighteen years after their marriage, they adopted market gardening as a life-long occupation instilling in their children hard work and perseverance from an early age. Having left China for an unknown destiny in Canada, with little formal education, they valued the educational opportunities in Edmonton and treasured the few Chinese cultural activities at the time.

They were very proud to see their first grandchild enter the developing Chinese Bilingual Program in 1987. And now, a second generation is enrolled in the well-established 35+ year old program.

Award availability may be subject to change.
ECBEA reserves the right to adjust the award criteria.
Decisions made by the ECBEA Judging Committee are final.

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