About ECBEA Scholarships

ECBEA annually provides scholarships to students registered within the Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Program to reward their stellar achievement both academically and in extra-curricular activities.

Students in grades 6 - 12 who are enrolled in the Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Program continuously since grade 4 are eligible to apply.

Students in beginner programs (Chinese Language & Culture: 3-year and 6-year programs) are not eligible.

The application process involves two parts.

First, eligible students will be required to submit their marks in the following subjects:

  • Chinese Language Arts
  • English Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science
For students who are taking more than one course in those subject areas, they can supply their highest mark in that area.
For example, if a student is taking Physics and Biology, they can choose to use the higher of the two course marks.
In addition, students will need to submit a PDF of their latest report card, that validates these marks.

Secondly, students are asked a set of questions to describe their participation in extra-curricular activities.
All questions are optional, but ECBEA highly encourages the student to answer every question they can.

In addition, students are allowed to submit one reference letter to supplement their answers to the extra-curricular questions.
The reference letter should be written by those who recognizes a student's participation in extra-curricular activities.
ECBEA encourages the students to obtain reference letters from individuals other than their class teachers, because teacher's comments are in the report card.

All students who win awards must attend the ECBEA Awards Ceremony in order to receive their award.
Award winners will be notified to attend the ceremony via email.

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